• «Living in the shadow of my eightieth birthday I believed that surprises were rare. That is just not so if you are fortunate enough to take a vacation in France and allow Mr. Manuel de Croutte to handle your tour. I can assure you that some amazement and wonder await you. The private tour E&P team arranged for me, my wife and two daughters to Normandy was the highlight of our two week vacation in France. There is no way in the alloted space to describe the wonderment and fascination of our Normandy trip. In closing we wish to state a simple but sincere THANK YOU to Mr. Manuel de Croutte.»

    Ronald Paul Richoux, New Orleans, La. USA

  • « Ellen and I had never been to the South West region of France before. When we arrived in Pau, our guide and special new friend, Manuel de Croutte, was waiting for us at the airport. From the moment we were picked up, we were taken on the most perfect holiday of our lives. Everything was arranged by Manuel … from the luggage to the flowers, to the finest rooms, to the most extraordinary meals. And no one could have been better a tour director than him. There were also amazing surprises like picking us up one evening and unexpectedly bringing us to the Chateau d’Arcangues outside Biarritz, where we met and had cocktails with the Marquis Michel d’Arcangues and a few of his friends, sharing an intimate, candlelight dinner that could never be recreated. Having traveled worldwide and been on numerous exclusive holidays, this was certainly the highlight in our lives in terms of delivering ultimate luxury and first-class treatment.»

    Owen & Ellen Coleman, New York, USA

  • «Dear Manuel,
    On behalf of my wife Ina and myself, I wanted to thank you once again for making our trips to Paris so wonderful. We have been coming to Paris regularly since 2000, but when we met you about a year ago, the experience became much, much richer in many ways.
    First of all, we love the special customized tours you have constructed and arranged for us. In every case, you managed to find expert guides who were not just knowledgeable but very cordial and very interesting people. You have given us recommendations for, and access to, some of the great exhibitions in the city that were otherwise sold out. The personal, customized tours are always with a guide who is so masterful that the experience is truly memorable.
    Finally, you have created unique events that we and our friends will remember forever, such as the moonlight cruises on a private yacht down the Seine river.
    Beyond all that, it has been a pleasure dealing with you, who are always patient and gracious. For all that, many thanks. Ina is really looking forward to our vacation and the events you kindly set up for us. »

    Jeffrey & Ina Garten, East Hampton, NY, USA

  • «Manuel personally designd several itineraries around our interests; French culture and history (chateaux, vineyards, museums, etc.) and gourmet dining. He is intelligent, witty, well organized and fluent in English. All our requests and details were arranged beyond satisfaction, leaving us stress free and able to relax and enjoy truly memorable vacation.»

    Debar and Jerry Koning, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  • «Our stay in Paris – which was pure magic – could not have come together as well as it did without Manuel de Croutte.  He is sublime.  He made every event more special due to his care and understanding, and his immense portfolio of knowledge.  He is witty, entertaining, elegant, sophisticated, fun, and just a truly kind and lovely human being.  A true professional who takes a great deal of pride in what he does and who instills in others his love and passion for Paris – it’s history and current offerings.  And he customized it all to our needs and wants.  Everything was supremo.»

    Stephanie and Peter Fein, New York, USA