Sulky experience in Normandy ….

Oyster park discovery and tasting Take a walk on the beach with an oyster farmer showing his oyster-beds!

Some of our oyster farmers are pioneers in the oyster farming in France. They have been living in Normandy for generations and are true loversof their terroir. During the walk you will taste the farmers’ oysters, freshly handpicked!

Hot balloon experience in Loire Valley or Burgundy…

Paparazzi experience

Versailles for your eyes only..
Visit Versailles after closing time (on Monday, or everyday after 6pm)

24 hours of Le Mans (Fr: 24 heures du Mans), the world’s oldest sport car race in endurance racing.

Our VIP package offers exclusive access & viewpoints, accomodation in a castle, transfers with private driver or by helicopter.

The theme park Puy du Fou in Vendée, a 2,5-hour drive from Paris, has received twice the award for World’s Best Park in the past four years, and keeps bewitching millions of visitors every year.

Your first step in the park will take you back in time for amazing reconstitutions and shows for everyone. While the Norse gods favour the Vikings show, you will definitely be entertained by the Gladiators arena. Follow French history from its origin to modern times through the park – the knights’ jousting tournament will take you to a land of myth and a time of wonder, musketeers will charm you with their hazardous adventures, and your heart will be touched by this little marine officer telling his tale of the American Independence War. Each attraction is a stop in time for a moment of amazement, in a beautiful green scenery of forest and clearings, with deers, rose gardens, fountains…
The spectacular Cinéscénie evening show is worth the trip in itself, and complete with breathtaking performances, sound and light, and costumes, and fireworks, and wonder.

Spend a romantic evening in a tepee or an igloo. You will ride a dog sled for a short trip in the mountain around sunset. Depending on your choice, and on the weather conditions, an igloo or a tepee will be set for you, so that you can enjoy an enchanting and intimate dinner. Your tepee will be lit by candles, and fireworks can be arranged too, for an even more memorable and romantic moment. 

We suggest also a torchlit descent in a snowbike.

Lunch on A Peak A helicopter will take you from your hotel to an open land, where you will just have to walk a few minutes to reach a beautiful and secluded clearing. You will be served a lunch on benches with hides and furs, to enjoy a unique moment in a remote site, away from all tourist attractions and lifts, and with an exceptional view over Courchevel valley.

A dog sled can also be arranged for you to ride to your lunch place.

Menu and drinks to be selected upon preferences, on quotation

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